America Under Shariah Law

America Under Shariah Law

A poll of American Muslims is very disturbing. Most of the Muslims in America, about 80%, are non-practicing. This means that only about 20% of Muslims in America really desire Shariah Law. What would it be like in America if this 20% gets the upper hand?

When Shahram was born in Iran it had a predominately Muslim population, but most of them were cultural Muslims. They were not strong practicing Muslims. As we have said many times, there is no “moderate” Islam but there are “moderate” Muslims. Moderate Muslims are lukewarm. They practice some parts of Islam and not others.

There was a growing group of fundamentalist Muslims in Iran pushing for the rise of Islam. They were able to push the agenda forward and force a revolution. These fundamentalists wanted to live under Shariah law. This powerful minority was able to get their way over the majority who did not want Shariah law. As a result Iran has had an Islamic theocratic government since 1979.

We see the same principle at work in America. Last week we talked about the homosexual agenda and the Supreme Court’s ruling. How does less than 3% of a nation (probably really less than 1%) get so much power? They have to win others over to their side. It doesn’t take a majority to control a nation. Hitler started with a small minority of about 12%. An active, committed minority can easily control a passive majority.

The poll I mentioned above from the Center for Security Policy is very troubling because it shows that the number of Muslims who want Shariah in America has grown. In Iran the moderate Muslims were faced with a choice. They either had to go with the fundamentalists or their lives would be threatened.

Before we look at this survey I want to mention a very important concept in Islam. It is the concept of two houses, the House of War and the House of Islam. Fundamental Muslims understand that they are in one of these two houses or they are in transition from one to the other. Their goal is to bring every nation into the House of Islam. In Europe Muslims believe that they have the upper hand and Europe is now in the House of Islam.

In America most people believe that we are safe because there are only 3 million Muslims here. Those who are in the know, know that there are many more Muslims than this. There are probably more than 10 million Muslims in America and it is growing because of all of the refugees coming in. We believe that America is much closer to the tipping point that most Americans imagine. They have the upper hand because they have the White House and they have infiltrated the highest levels of our government. They have the media on their side. They have infiltrated our education system.

This poll shows that Muslims are now being honest about their goals. While they are in the House of War they are allowed to lie, but once they are in the House of Islam they are no longer allowed to lie. The results of the poll indicate that they believe they are in the House of Islam.

This poll includes Muslims from all around the country, not just those areas with high Muslim populations. It also includes all age and economic groups.

The report shows that 51%, the majority, of Muslims in America agree that they should have the choice to be governed by Shariah. We have been dealing with Muslims for years and we have never seen this high percentage wanting Shariah. It used to be that the majority of American Muslims said they did not want Shariah. They said they came here to get away from Shariah.

We saw in Europe, where the majority of Muslims wanted to get away from Shariah, that the militant Muslims started pressuring the non-practicing “moderates” to stand for Islam or be classified as non-believers. They are bullied by the fundamentalists, and even have their lives threatened. The fact that 51% of Muslims say, if given the choice, they want to be governed by Shariah is big news.

The poll also asked if Muslims should have the choice of being governed by Shariah courts or American courts. Again, 51% said they should have the choice to be governed by Shariah courts. We are still confronted with the Shariah tribunal in Texas that has not been shut down. In Great Britain there are more than 100 Shariah courts and Muslims are being governed by different laws than the rest of the country.

This poll is strong evidence that the militant, fundamentalist, Muslims are being emboldened. They feel that they now have enough power to get their way.

We have been in meetings where groups like CAIR have said they didn’t want Shariah in America, all they want is peace and equal rights. In spite of this, every time we try to pass laws to ensure that Islamic law does not come in, who is the biggest opposition? It is groups like CAIR.

There are other things revealed in this poll that are even more troubling. It found that nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that it is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam. Remember the cartoon contest?

This next one really troubles me. Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the United States is justified in order to make Shariah the law of the land in this country.

We believe, as we said before, that the estimated 3 million Muslims in the US is a very low estimate. This estimate is based upon the 2010 census. How many of you believe that every Muslim has told the government that they are here? A conservative estimate is that there are more than 10 million. Let’s give those who say 3 million the benefit of the doubt as we look at what these percentages mean.

Twenty percent of 3 million is 600,000 people. This would mean that there are 600,000 Muslims in America who believe that they should use violence to bring in Shariah law. The 25% who believe that violence is justified to punish those who offend Islam amounts to 750.000 Muslims. These are based upon the lowest estimated number of Muslims in America.

If we compare these numbers with the current number of people in the US military it is startling. If we count all of military personnel it comes to about 1.3 million. This includes administrative personnel. We believe that the fighting force is between 500,000 and 1,000,000. According to what has been on the news lately, it is closer to the 500,000 number. Compare this with the 750,000 Muslims who believe in using violence. We are talking about the same approximate size of the US military.

Let that sink in. There are approximately as many Muslims who endorse violence as there are military combat troops in America. What does this tell us about those who tell us that there is only a very small minority of Muslims who are radicalized and who pervert Islam? Does this sound like a peaceful Islam to you?

We are not surprised by this and I doubt that those of you who follow Fortress of Faith are either. We have known this for a long time, but now we have evidence that this is how Muslims think. We are starting to see this played out in their actions. This poll tells me that we are in more trouble than we thought.

When Islam takes over, those who are non-believers become second class citizens. I would be considered an infidel and Shahram would be considered and apostate. Infidels get three choices, they can convert to Islam, submit to Islam, or be killed. Apostates only get one choice, they will be killed. Listen to what the Qur’an has to say Sura 9:29:

“Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

The book in this passage is the Bible. The “people of the book” are Christians and Jews. Muslims are to fight us until we pay the Jizya. This is the Islamic doctrine of dhimmitude. This puts them in protected, but inferior status. The Jizya is a protection tax and Shariah gives the minimum and maximum. This tax can be half of what you own and half of what you earn. Basically, this is slavery.

This is exactly what is happening in Syria. The homes of the Christians who submit and pay the Jizya are marked with the Arabic letter N to indicate that they follow the Nazarene. This also indicates that they are living in dhimmitude.

  1. T his picture is the Arabic N. You see this a lot of Facebook. It is used to identify Christians who are under dhimmitude in a way similar to the yellow star used by the Nazis in Germany to identify Jews. This is not a new thing. This was done in the time of Muhammad and in the time when Muslims controlled parts of Europe. This is actually where Hitler got the idea for the yellow star to identify Jews. Some Christians on Facebook are putting the Arabic N on their pages in solidarity with the suffering Christians in Syria and Iraq.

  2. If Shariah comes to America segregation will be back. It will not be based upon skin color, it will be based upon what you believe.

  3. Christians are already being targeted for persecution. The recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage is an example. Some are saying that this decision is actually a hunting license to hunt down Christians. Amazingly the Islamic community has been silent on this issue.

We have tried to show you that Hitler was inspired by Islam. They have the same goals, the same principles, and the same methods. I have produced a video on intolerance which shows the similarities between the two.

In America we see schools capitulating to Shariah. In New York they have added Muslim holidays to the school calendar. There is a bias toward Islam in the textbooks used by our schools.

In Europe Muslims are demanding segregation in the schools in two ways. They are demanding that the boys and the girls be segregated, and that the Muslims be segregated from the non-Muslims. This second demand is important because in a Shariah controlled state you cannot have non-Muslins living in the same areas as Muslims.

We find another example in Egypt. There are about 2 million Coptic Christians who are segregated from the rest of the culture. Most of the farming in Egypt is done by these Coptic Christians. They are sent down to the farms to produce the food for the nation. If they live in the city they deal with the trash and garbage. They are not allowed to hold the good jobs. This is dhimmitude in practice.

This is similar to how it was in the Bible when the Jews were under Egyptian rule. After a new ruler came in, the Jews became slaves and provided the labor force. This same thing happened to the Jews in Germany under Hitler.

The subject of dhimmitude is found in Surah 9. this chapter was the last chapter given. It was given when Muhammad was dying. He was preparing the Islamic world to bring their enemies into subjugation, to serve Islam. It was his purpose that the Muslims would benefit from the work of the “people of the book.”

As we look at what America would look like under Shariah Law we need to understand that it is already happening and we have real examples. The poll we have looked at today shows that more than 51% of Muslims want Shariah law over American law, and 25% say they are willing to use violence to get it.

Let’s look at some examples of Muslims demanding special treatment.

There were some Muslim workers who worked for Target who would not handle bacon products. I really like bacon. I once saw a cartoon with a bowl full of bacon and one small piece of lettuce. The caption read “Look, I made a salad.” If we live under Shariah there will be no more bacon, or any other pork products.

There have been issues with Muslims living next to farmers that have pigs, both in Europe and in America.

In American prisons they are forcing non-Muslim prisoners to eat halal meat. All of the children in the British schools are forced to eat halal meat. We see companies like Costco are now selling halal meat to satisfy Muslims. All of this is so we don’t offend the Muslims.

We are already willingly putting ourselves under Shariah without passing any laws. Why? Because we don’t want to offend Muslims. They want us to be tolerant of them, but how tolerant are they of us? I think we should be just as tolerant of them in America as they are of us in Islamic countries.

There have been 50 to 150 cases where Muslims have been allowed to be adjudicated by Shariah law in American courts. We have mentioned the case in Irving, Texas where the mayor is trying to stop the Islamic tribunal, but it is till operating.

Islamic law will change our fashions. I have pictures of how the Iranians dressed before 1979 and how they dress today. They dressed in a way that was very similar to America, but when Islam came in they were forced to wear the berka.

In Germany they put Syrian refugees next to a school and the head of the school has said we can’t insult the Muslims so the girls cannot show any skin in they way they dress. These refugees are in Germany as guests. The Germans are trying to help them. Yet they are offended if the Germans dress like Germans. I am for modesty, and I would like to see some who claim to be Christians dress more modestly, but I don’t like that we have to cover up so that we don’t offend foreigners living in our countries. We allow them to come in as refugees so they won’t be killed by other Muslims in their home countries.

Here is exactly what the head of the schools said:

Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should adhered to in order to avoid discrepancy. Revealing tops or blouses, short skirts, and mini-skirts could lead to misunderstanding.

Often times the Muslim youth live in gangs and go around raping European women. What is being said by the schools is we must be careful because we don’t want your girls raped by these Muslim immigrants who can’t control themselves, so let us capitulate to them.

The FBI has again testified before Congress that there is no vetting process for Muslim refugees coming into America from Syria and Iraq. They don’t know if these refugees are jihadists or ISIS sympathizers. They are being allowed to come settle in our communities. Ninety-two percent of the refugees are Muslims. They are only allowing four and a half percent Christians to come in as refugees. If the Christians are being killed in Syria, why aren’t they allowing the Christians to come in?

What is worse, when we try to get information on these refugees under the Freedom of Information Act, we are being refused. We are being told that they can’t give the information because it is a trade secret. It sure sounds like stonewalling to me.

Another area where they are attacking us is through hate speech laws. The OIC has been pushing for anti-defamation laws. They are already implemented in Europe. Under Shariah there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or freedom of the press. If you say anything negative about Islam or if you try to witness to a Muslim, it is called a criminal act.

When you have 20% of American Muslims willing to use violence to bring in Shariah law, and 25% who are willing to use violence against anyone who defames Islam, that is at least 750,000 people, we are in real danger.

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