Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 1

Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 1

In the next four articles we will be looking at Islam and Bible prophecy. When I started looking at this about 6 or 7 years ago. I want to start by looking at how we got where we are today.

God called me off the mission field in 2008. I had seen how Islam was taking a foothold in Europe and how Europe was losing the battle against Islam, They were losing their cultural identity as Islam was rapidly growing through immigration and procreation. It is what happened on September 14, 2008 that caught my attention. On that date Sharia law became part of the British legal code.

I had heard from Muslims for decades that Sharia law was coming to Britain but I dismissed it as dreamy thinking. I didn’t think there was any way it could happen. I was wrong. Back then I was naive and didn’t understand the agenda of Islam. I was, like most people, living in a fantasy world thinking an ideology like Islam could never insert itself into Western culture.

On September 14, 2008 the British government legalized Sharia law courts. It is voluntary for people to participate in them but the rulings that the imams hand down, even though they are contradictory to Western law, now must be enforced by the British legal system. Women can now be beaten, can be raped by their own husbands, and the British government must look the other way. The legal system in Britain does not accept polygamy, but now it must accept the multiple wives allowed by Sharia in the Muslim communities. In essence the British government said that, as a sovereign nation, everyone on British soil must abide by their laws, except Muslims.

I see Islam as an instrument of judgment on our Western nations. If you rebel against God, there are consequences. The nations of Europe used to be God-fearing nations. They turned their backs on God and are now suffering these consequences. All signs point to Europe falling to Islam within a generation. Christianity will be pushed out and Christians will be persecuted as is already the case in Muslim states.

Consider the consequences if America loses Europe as an ally. The wealth and the weapons of Europe will be in the hands of Muslims. Several European countries have nuclear weapons. If Muslims control these weapons, what will America’s future be like?

Do you understand what I am saying? We are seeing the pieces of the puzzle being put together for the end times. Although there are some who try to force America into biblical end time prophecy, it is not clearly found in it. Those who say that it is there are stretching what the Bible actually says to try to make it fit. Even if you could find North America in biblical prophecy, you don’t find it in a prominent position.

What does this mean? The Antichrist will rule with a totalitarian dictatorship, it won’t be a democracy. You can’t have a world-wide dictatorship if America is still a constitutional republic. Somewhere along the line America will lose its democracy. Our constitution will be done away with.  Our freedoms of religion and speech will be done away with. Islam is a formidable enemy quite capable of destroying America. They don’t have the capability at this time to raise up an army that can defeat us. No one has the strength to take on the military might of America at this time. This strength is starting to crumble through the efforts of our liberal politicians and left wing ideology.

Islam fears our military but they understand that our weakness is in our willingness to allow foolish ideologies to come into our countries. We are allowing the ideology of Islam to spread its poison by disguising itself as a religion. If it can come in cloaked as a religion it has protections, does it not?

Our laws protect the minorities among us. The minorities have more rights in America than the average citizens. Muslims know our laws and are manipulating them to reach their goal of world domination. They have cut their teeth on doing this in Europe. They have found our weaknesses and are coming here and are destroying us from within.

The most powerful and dangerous terrorist group on the face of this earth is not ISIS, nor is it Al Qaeda, it is the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood understands that they can’t beat the West with the sword. They understand that they can beat us from within. This is exactly what they have said they would do in a memorandum found by the FBI in 2004. They have used this memorandum to successfully prosecute a number of people and groups that were fundraising for terrorist groups overseas. These prosecutions continued until President Obama became president. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, stopped the prosecutions.

I am going to stop here and tomorrow we will dig deeper into Islam as the Antichrist religion.

Last week I mentioned the school board in Philadelphia planning to vote to close schools for Islamic holidays. This nation is still made up of mostly Christians and our heritage is Christian. It is easy to understand why we would have Christian holidays. However, under today’s court rulings schools are not allowed to give Christian holidays. It is supposedly a violation of the separation of church and state. Why is it that Christians can’t have their holidays, and they are now going to let Muslims have theirs? This is the cultural jihad and we have to stand up against this.

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