Comparing Islam with Nazism

Comparing Islam with Nazism

We have been hammered of late because of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group list. It has become a list of groups that disagree with their leftist policies. It is particularly dangerous for Christian groups that stand for old fashioned, traditional values.

When I say it is dangerous, I am talking about real danger. A couple of years ago, a man read the list and was enraged against the Family Research Center. He took his gun and 100 rounds of ammunition, and went to their headquarters. He shot the security guard and started to go upstairs. The security guard, in spite of his injury, was able to wrestle him to the ground, He was arrested, and told the police that the reason he had done this was because he had seen their name on the SPLC hate group list.

The SPLC used to be a credible group, but that has changed. The FBI has distanced itself from them because of their left wing bias. They are no longer objective in their listing of hate groups. They have become anti-Christian, and are putting Christian groups on their list simply because they don’t like what they have to say. They don’t like the Christian message and Christian principles. According to them, if you stand for traditional marriage, you are a hate monger.

The fact that they have described Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most gentle men you could ever find, as an extremist, tells you where their bias is. They have an agenda and they want to smear and discredit anyone who speaks out against it. This includes anyone who speaks out against Islam. Don’t they know that if Islam ever comes to power, they will be some of the first killed because of their beliefs?

The News broke that there is a hate group in Bellingham, WA. It listed our home church and Fortress of Faith as that group. One of the news stations, KGMI, had the decency to have me on their radio broadcast to give my side of the story. I want to say thank you to KGMI because they gave us a fair shake. They gave me a lot of time, and I am very grateful.

One of the things that has been done is claiming that I am calling Muslims Nazis because of a graphic we have on our website. We are not saying that Muslims are Nazis, we are just comparing the acts and beliefs of Islam with those of the Nazis. In WWII, the Muslims did side with Hitler and the Nazis. If you go to our website and click on the image that makes the comparison, you will see the  proof of these things. You will see Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, on November 28, 1941, at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. They formed an alliance between the Muslim nations and Hitler.

It is not our intent to say the Muslims are Nazis, because they are not that today. Our intent is to show that the agenda of Islam is similar to the agenda of Hitler and Nazism. We are using this to help people understand the ideology of Islam, and what their goals are.

While there are exceptions, most people will agree that Hitler and Nazism are evil. I often ask people, Would you call Hitler and Nazism evil? The response is almost always yes. Then I ask a second question, If Hitler had done what he did in the name of a god, would it have been any less evil? The most common response is, Of course not. the point is to get people to acknowledge that there are certain things that are evil in this world.

If an ideology similar to Hitler’s rose up in our nation, should we oppose it? Most people would agree with this as well. Our graphic shows that Nazism has the same basic ideology of Islam. Although Islam does it in the name of a god, it still has the same agenda.

It is important that we inform the public that real Islam, Muhammad’s Islam, is as evil and destructive as Nazism was. In fact it is more evil and destructive than Nazism. Islam is more dangerous to us because in America it has protection due to the fact that it has a religion attached to it. If it didn’t have the religious aspect, it would be easy to stop its propagation in our country.

Let me clarify something. There is real Islam and fake Islam. The real Islam will follow Muhammad and his teachings wholeheartedly. They will not pick and choose what they like and what they dislike. They are bound to faithfully follow all that Muhammad taught because they believe that he was Allah’s final prophet, and that they are doing their god, Allah’s work. The will obey his commandments and follow his example. The will follow the Qur’an because it is the words of their god, Allah. They will also follow the Sunnah because it contains the words and acts of their Prophet, Muhammad.

The fake Islam is trying to make Islam into something new, something it never was. They pick and choose what they like, and they leave what they don’t like. About 80% of the Muslims in the West fall into this group. Many Muslims don’t even know they are part of the fake Islam. They think they are following the real Islam, but this is because they haven’t studied their scriptures. If they did, they would know that they are not following the real Islam.

Within Christianity there are a lot of people who call themselves Christians, who know nothing about what the Bible teaches. They may not even own a Bible, yet they call themselves Christians.

The majority of Muslims know nothing of what Islam is really about. It is more of a cultural thing that a truly spiritual thing. They follow its traditions because they were born into Islam, and are really just cultural Muslims.

When I talk about Islam, and when I compare it with Nazism, I am talking about the real Islam, Muhammad’s Islam. I am not talking about the majority of Muslims in the West.

If you study Islam’s history, you will find that it is very similar to Nazism. Yesterday we saw that both of them have a dictatorship type of government, and both of them have a doctrine of supremacy of one group over another. Islamic government has a caliph, and he is the supreme ruler. There is no democracy and no freedom. The supremacy doctrine of Nazism said that the Aryan race was superior to all others, and Islam says that Muslims are superior to all others.

I want to go through some of these points today.

Government Style

Both Islam and Nazism have a dictatorship style of government. Hitler ruled as a dictator. He was the supreme commander and was above the law. What he wanted, he took by force. If he wanted someone dead, he simply commanded it. If he wanted a country, he simply took it. To question him was to put your life in danger.

Muhammad ruled in the same way. You probably thought that Muhammad was just a prophet. No, he was building more than just a religion, he was building an empire. When you look in the Sharia Law book it is very clear. The first 360 pages deal with the religion, the next 600 pages deal with the government. Islam is more a governmental system than it is a religious system. I often describe it as an ideology masquerading as a religion.

Not only was Muhammad the giver of the law, he was above the law. Here are some examples of these things:

  • Muslim men are only allowed to have 4 wives, but Muhammad had at least 12, and maybe 18, plus his sex slaves.
  • He gave himself permission to marry his son’s wife.
  • The whole idea of the caliphate is to have a single ruler who has the supreme power. He rules like Muhammad, over and above the law.
  • Most Islamic nations have dictatorships.

Supremacy Doctrine

Both Nazism and Islam believe in the supremacy of one people group. Nazism believes that the Aryan race is superior to all others. Islam believes the Muslims are superior to all others. Both want to eliminate the inferior races from the earth. For them, it is the survival of the fittest.

In addition to killing Jews, the Nazis killed up to 5 million others that they viewed as inferior, including Gypsies,, gays, the mentally disabled, etc. Muhammad called non-Muslims “kafrs,” which means excrement. He taught that they were inferior to Muslims and must be converted or eliminated.

The Destruction of the Jews

The Holocaust was Hitlers attempt to rid the world of the Jews. Six million Jews were systematically killed in death camps. They were gassed, and their bodies burned in ovens. Hitler called this the final solution.

Before Islam rose it ugly head, there were five Jewish tribes in Arabia. They were around Medina, about a hundred kilometers north of Mecca. After about twelve years of preaching his monotheism, the Arabs of Mecca had enough of Muhammad and ran him out of town. From there he went to Medina. He told the Jews that he was their prophet, and started preaching his new doctrine. The Jews rejected him as a prophet because what he was saying didn’t fit with their Scriptures.

The Arabs didn’t want him, and the Jews didn’t want him, so his message changed, he took up the sword. The “revelations” from his god changed. Now they were to kill all who would not believe in Allah, and in his Prophet, Muhammad. Over the next ten years every Jew was killed or forced out of Arabia. Muhammad made it clear that the Jews are the enemy of Allah. Islam has declared war on the Jews, and also on Christians. You will find this in Chapter 9 of the Qur’an, is is the last chapter written.

One of the most famous battles in the Qur’an is the battle of the ditch. At this battle the last remaining Jewish tribe is destroyed. He made a  peace agreement with the Jews, and when the men came out, he reneged on the agreement and beheaded some 600 to 900 men and enslaved the women and children.

Both Islam and Nazism systematically killed Jews.

Death to Dissidents

Those who spoke out against Hitler were imprisoned and killed. The Gestapo was created to search out anyone who opposed Hitler, and to eliminate them.

Islam does not allow anyone to question the religion or the Prophet. There is a death penalty for anyone who leaves Islam. This is very clear in the Sharia Law Book:

ROT o8.1 When a person who has reached puberty and is sane  voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be killed.

ROT 08.2 In such a case, it is obligatory for the caliph to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.

ROT 08.4 There is no indemnity for killing an apostate.

Both Nazism and Islam kill those who disagree with them.

World Domination

Hitler believed that the Third Reich would rule the world. He set upon his quest for world domination and started making war in Europe, then with America and Russia. He almost succeeded in his quest.

Muhammad, on his death bed, gave his last message in Surah 9 of the Qur’an. He declared Christians to be polytheists and in verse 29 he said:

Fight those who believe not in the law, nor the last day, nor forbid that which is forbidden by Allah’s messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of the truth, even if they are the people of the book.

What book, and who are these people? The book is the Bible, and the people are Jews and Christians. They are to fight them until they pay Jyzza with willing submission. Muslims are to subdue and extort those who are not Muslims.

When Umar, the second caliph after Muhammad, went into the Christian nation of Syria, we found out that the Jizza was up to 50% of what they owned, and 50% of what they earned. If they paid this, they were allowed to live, but only in submission to Islam. Remember, this is exactly what Muhammad commanded.

I must ask, is it right for us to remain silent on these issues? Is it right to pretend that this evil ideology is not part of true Islam? We must speak out. It is because of this ideology that Islam has 1,400 years of bloody conquest. Conservative estimates tell us that upward of 270 million non-Muslims have been killed in this quest for world domination. Islam is an equal opportunity destroyer. They have killed more Muslims than they have non-Muslims.

My whole point these last two days is that most people would call Hitler and Nazism evil. We need to ask them, if Hitler did it in the name of a god, would it be any less evil? Of course not! If Hitler and Nazism were evil, why can’t people see that Islam, which does the same things and has the same goals, is also evil?

It is true that there are Muslims who are good people, but they are following a false Islam, not the Islam of the Qur’an and of Muhammad. Militant Muslims have learned to hide behind the rhetoric of the fake Muslims by using the same language. Privately they speak another language. This is why so often those who carry out jihad are not on the watch list of terrorists.


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