Profits of Hate: The Southern Poverty Law Center

Profits of Hate: The Southern Poverty Law Center

At the risk of sounding redundant, I am going to spend one more article on the Southern Poverty Law Center. This organization is causing much confusion about what constitutes a hate group. It is also making life difficult Christian organizations that stand for traditional values.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Christianity is not under attack today. The SPLC is just one of many groups that are trying to marginalize, or completely destroy true Christianity. It is time that we turned the spotlight on the SPLC and the others who are attacking our faith.

Through the years I had heard of the SPLC, but I never paid them much attention  until they put Fortress of Faith on their list of hate groups. Although I was shocked by this, we never had any problems because of it, until now.

There are legitimate hate groups in our nation that are waring with each other. As a result, the media has put greater focus on hate groups. The SPLC did start  out right. They took on the white supremacy groups, and successfully prosecuted many cases against them. They obtained some very large settlements in favor of the black people who had been abuse by these groups.

The SPLC became wealthy due to these settlements, as well from donations from the public. There is one example of how they have profited from the market of hate. A boy was brutally murdered by the KKK. They solicited funds for the lawsuit against the KKK to defend the rights of this boy. They raised 9 million dollars. The court awarded $54,000 to the mother of the boy as damages. How much she actually received is not known, but most attorneys, when they win a settlement, receive a portion of it for their fee, which can be a major percentage of the award. The SPLC kept the 9 million dollars. Are they really helping helping the poor, or are they really padding there own pockets?

A number of years ago, they received a 300 million dollar endowment. I understand that most of that money is being held overseas.

As white supremacy groups were deflated for a while, they started adding other causes to their portfolio. After all, they needed to keep the money coming in. It seems that the SPLC is really a money making adventure.

The SPLC has been going after many Christian groups who stand for traditional moral values. They stared out well, but they have fallen into an extreme left agenda, and anyone who opposes this agenda us put on their list of hate groups. They can’t beat us in debate because they don’t have the facts on their side, so they resort to smear tactics.

Here is what they say about hate groups on their website.

All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.

A black person cannot change the color of his skin, nor can a white person. This is immutable, it cannot be changed. A man or a woman cannot scientifically change what they are. I know there are those who want to change their gender, and who do all kinds of external things to look like the other gender, but they are still what God created them to be.

Discriminating against someone’s immutable characteristics is wrong. On the other hand, when someone chooses a religion, it is a choice, and it is not immutable. If I chose to do so, I could decide to become a Mormon, or even a Muslims. This is something that I can change, is not immutable.

Saying that being a Muslim is immutable is wrong. Muslims can choose to become Christians, and many have. Another error they make in attacking those who oppose Islam is calling it racist. Islam is not a race. It never has been, and it never will be. It is true that Islam originated with the Arabs, but only about 15% of Muslims are Arabs. It is true that they practice their religion in Arabic, but most of the Muslim in the world are from Asia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India.

It is impossible to offend a religion or an ideology, you can only offend a person. If you criticize a religious book like the  Qur’an or the Bible, they will not cry or have their feelings hurt.

At Fortress of Faith, we challenge the teachings of the religion and ideology of Islam. I often say, don’t blame the Muslims for Islam. Do you blame every German for Hitler’s Nazism? Even many Germans who followed Nazism, did so under duress, their lives were in danger if they did not. Many Muslims follow Islam for the same reason, there is a death sentence on all who leave Islam.

We challenge the evil of an ideology that threatens the lives of those who don’t accept it, or those who leave it. Islam teaches hatred toward non-Muslims. It teaches the killing of those who will not convert to Islam.

The SPLC put us on their list claiming that we are attacking a people. We are not! We are attacking an evil ideology that promotes the killing of all who don’t follow Islam. We lay out the facts, and they can’t challenges on the facts because they are on our side. What do they do? They try to shut us down by smearing us, by accusing us of being something we are not.

The SPLC has become a far left group that is profiting greatly from calling those that disagree with them hate groups. They are inciting hatred toward all who disagree with them and are profiting from doing so. They just received $1,000,000 from Apple, which allows them to continue spewing their hatred. Apple has also created a  place on Itunes for others to give to the SPLC. This will undoubtedly result in millions more to smear those on the right.

The SPLC has lost so much credibility that the FBI has distanced itself from them. Watch the following video and you will see just how dangerous the SPLC really is:

Here is what the Bible says about those who are trying to change the moral values upon which our nation was built/

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

We must stand for the truth, and it takes courage to do so. Will you join us at the corner of Truth and Courage?

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