President Trump’s Presidency

President Trump’s Presidency

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As you know, I was very critical of President Obama’s administration when it came to national security and the issues concerning Islam. I wasn’t against him because he was a Democrat, and I certainly wasn’t against him because he was black. I was also took issue with President Bush on some of his policies dealing with nationals security and Islam.

This is not a  partisan issue for me. Our national security should not be played out in partisan politics, but I am afraid that this is the environment we live in.

Today I want to look at President Trumps handling of these things. The things that President promised were encouraging. I have always said that Donald Trump is a very poor communicator. I think that for the most part he has the right ideas on what needs to be done, and I think he has the courage and backbone to get it done. I also believe that he would be good at picking the best team to work with. I am concerned because I see things that are not going well.

The Bad

There has been a exodus of some of his key staff, Steve Bannon has resigned or been fired, depending upon who you listen to. Most recently Sebastian Gorka give his resignation. I need to point out some things that led to these two men leaving. In his resignation letter, Gorka said that President Trump is changing his position. His speech he gave on Afghanistan was the main thing that caused Bannon to leave, he felt that Trump was going back on his promise to get us out of there. Let me say that I think it is right to stay in Afghanistan as long as it is needed, not to nation build, but to get a real victory.

I like that President Trump said that when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office the view of things changes. I think it is encourage to see that a man can make changes in his position when he understands more fully the whole situation. The problem is the rhetoric. It is that he is no longer referring to the terrorism as radical Islamic terrorism. That term was purged from his speech.

Sebastian Gorka pointed out that Trump had removed that language. The problem is that President Trump is listening to his new security adviser, McMasters. McMasters is following the Obana agenda when it comes to handling the Islamic problem. I believe this is a big mistake, and Trump is being influenced by the wrong people. The right people are leaving his administration.

When Trump chose Michael Flynn as his national security adviser it was a good choice. Flynn made a mistake when he did not disclose relations with the Russians. The liberal left went after him, and got him removed. I believe Trump made a big mistake in letting him go. The whole Russian connection has proven to be a lot to do about nothing. In my opinion, Michael Flynn had the right understanding and gave the right advice concerning the handling of Islamic terrorism. McMasters is the wrong man for the job of national security adviser. He is too afraid of ruffling the feathers of Muslims and getting them upset. He is afraid to call the terrorism Islamic, even when that is exactly what it is. We need to understand that the terrorists are doing what they do because of Islam.

The Good

Having said that, there are some encouraging new trends that are just about to begin. The Department of Homeland Security has announced, on the instructions of President Trump, that extreme vetting is about to start. The whole purpose of the temporary travel ban was to give the Department of Homeland Security the time to develop a plan to make sure that those coming into the country are properly vetted.

The term being used is “extreme vetting.” It is not extreme, it is simply common sense. It is simply making sure that those who are coming from nations that have a background in Islamic terrorism are carefully screened. It should also be used to screen them when they apply for permanent residence in our country.

Actually, this is something that is done all around the world. I lived overseas for a major portion of my life, and it is not uncommon to look into your background, be interviewed and asked questions, all to ensure that your reasons for coming into their country is not to do them harm. This only makes sense, it isn’t racism, it isn’t a phobia, it is simply protecting a nation from those who would come in to do them harm.

Dearborn, MI

Dearborn, MI is the largest Arab population in America. It is not the largest Muslim population. There are more Muslims in New York City, than there are in all of the Detroit area. What makes Dearborn significant is, it is the oldest Muslim community in the country.

An article was published in the Arab American News. They are having a fit because Christian missionaries, mostly from California, came to one of their parks and had a two day vacation bible school kind of program. They were, of course, teaching the Gospel message. Muslims were upset that the law did not shut them down. They called the Chief of Police, Ron Haddad, and found out that he had researched the issue and determined he could not do so. Here is what he told AANews:

“According to our corporation counsel, it appears to be legal to engage in the noted activities under the First Amendment in the park.”

Of course the Muslims did not like the fact that their Chief of Police told them the Christians had every right to be in the public park and proclaim their Gospel message. The Muslims said:

“Don’t be the victim, get smart. Keep to your own, and don’t wait around for Allah to make a decision. Make it yourself. Know what the person with the loudspeaker is saying to your child, know your environment.”

Sure sounds like a threat to me.

They claimed the missionaries were taking advantage of the children because they were talking to them, not the parents, who don’t understand English very well.

We are to take the Gospel to every creature. It doesn’t matter if they are children, young adults, seniors, or anyone else. Remember, Muslims started their proselytizing in America by targeting our youth through the Muslim Student Association (a Muslim Brotherhood group), When I was a missionary we ran large children’s ministries because they are not yet full of the prejudices of adults. The children were a doorway into the home to reach the parents.

We applaud these missionaries. We find it a little humorous how the Muslims are reacting. They are upset because someone comes into their communities to share the Gospel, which is not allowed in Islam. Muslims can share their message with others, but others are not allowed to do the same. Hypocrisy!

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