In The News – 09-04-2017

In The News – 09-04-2017

Today I want to look at several things that are in the news.

35K Muslims Extremist in Britain

If you have been following Fortress of Faith for any length of time, you know that I spent 29 years of my life in Great Britain, seventeen of them as a missionary.

The town I was living in, while growing up, and as a missionary, 1s about 100 miles north of London. It has become the headquarters of all of the Sharia Law Courts in Grate Britain. People don’t realize how many Muslims are now living in the Europe. Europe is losing their cultural identity, and is becoming a greater security threat.

The Security Chief of the British Intelligence Service has announced that Britain is home to 35,000 fanatical Islamists.  Three thousand of them are of concern to MI5, Europe’s top anti-terrorism organization. In comparison to this, France has about 17,000 Islamists that are of concern, Spain has 5,000, and Belgium has almost 500. The UK has become the major concern when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

For years I have been saying that the goal of these Muslims is to take down Britain because of its ties to the US. France has more Muslims than the UK, but Britain is their target. Islam has not been secretive about this. I remember reading many years ago that the UK was going to be the first Western nation to become Islamic.

The reason the UK voted to exit from the EU is that they had no control over the number of Muslims coming into their country. The British people woke up and realized that they had to take back control of their nation’s borders.

Can you imagine the effort it takes for the security officials to keep an eye on 35,000 Islamists? Only 500 of that number are  under 24 hour constant surveillance. That in itself is an amazing number, Keeping surveillance on 500 people is a difficult task to accomplish.

How do we know if these people are “radicalized?” I am using the common term “radicalized,” meaning they have become a threat. What they did to make them militant is, they got them into the Qur’an and taught them the actual, true religion of Islam. The religion Muhammad taught is not the reformed Islam that we see a lot of here in the US. Reformed Islam is a pseudo-Islam, it is not the real thing. The media and the government are pretending that it is the real Islam, but it is the fake Islam. The more a Muslim gets into the Qur’an, the more “radicalized” he will become.

We need to wake up to the fact that Islam is a militant ideology. The more one follows the Islamic scriptures, the more militant he will become. We can’t refuse to understand this and expect to see the end of Islamic terrorism.

Two Students take a stand against their school for Removing “One Nation Under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

As I have said many times, the reason God is allowing Islam to raise its ugly head is our sins as a nation. We have turned from God. We used to fear God in this nation, but not any more. We are seeing more and more attacks against Christianity. We, as Christians, keep cowering. We have developed backbones of a banana and we are afraid to speak out on the truth. We turn into mush when pressure is applied. This is why I ask you to join us at the corner of Truth and Courage. Don’t be a coward, you know the truth, stand for it!

In West Virginia there were some Christian students who took a stand when the school removed “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. Because of the political correctness and the anti-God sentiments in our school system, they started repeating the Pledge of Allegiance, but left out “one nation under God.” The Pledge is a legal statement, and this phrase is legally part of it. If you leave it out, you are not pledging allegiance to our nation, you are pledging allegiance to political correctness.

A couple of dozen students said NO! One of the students told the principal:

“We all sat together and said we’re not leaving until you say the pledge right. She said I’m not going to associate with you guys. Not the time or the place,”

Good for these students. They had the courage to stand up against those who would take God out of our national Pledge.

They were suspended for their stand. We need to encourage them for their courage.

Two students thrown out of class for wearing “MAGA” t-shirts. Teacher called Make America Great Again is Neo-Nazi.

In Woodstock, GA, two students were thrown out of their class for wearing “MAGA” t-shirts. The teacher accused them of wearing Neo-Nazi shirts. “MAGA” stands for Make America Great Again. It was President Trump’s slogan during his campaign, It is his pledge of what his presidency is going to be about.

The teacher likened the slogan on the t-shirts to the Nazi swastika symbol. The teacher said, just like you cannot wear a swastika to school, you can’t wear a MAGA slogan. She threw them out of her class, denying them their education, because she doesn’t like the slogan.

How does making America great again have anything to do with Nazism? This tells you that the hard left doesn’t think that America was ever great, and they think, like Anifa, that making America great again is equivalent to Fascism. They are, in fact the Fascists.

What made America great in the first place was capitalism, liberty and freedom, and righteous values. It had nothing to do with socialism. Both Nazism and Fascism are socialist (left wing) philosophies. America was built on the absolute opposite of these philosophies.

What is so sad about this incident is that it occurred in the “Bible Belt” of America. I lived near Woodstock when I was in college. It was a great conservative area at that time.

Man fined for eating bacon in front of Muslims.

A Swedish man in Stockholm was fined for eating bacon in front of Muslims, can you believe that? The fine was $1125 and he had to pay each Muslim $625 in damages.

They say he did in in an taunting, discriminating way. If he did it that way, he is a jerk. We don’t support that kind of conduct, but to be charged and fined for doing so is going a bit overboard.

This is the cultural jihad that I have been speaking about for years. Muslims are trying to make it a criminal act to do anything that is offensive to Islam. Eating pork, including bacon, is forbidden for Muslims, but they want it to be forbidden to non-Muslims as well. They want to push their sentiments and beliefs on the rest of the world.

MTV News —
Janet Jackson driven to end her life after converting to Islam

The late Pop star, Micheal Jackson’s sister, Janet Jackson, who is married to the Qatari Muslim billionaire Wissam Al-Manna, revealed some of the horrors that she was put under because of her conversion to Islam. She has broken up with Wissam at this time.

She said:

The transformation has denied her access to everything in life as she was not allowed to listen to music, drive a car, wear designer clothes except the ‘Black Abaya’.

…[it] has also denied her access to stepping outside her residential home located in Doha which is heavily guarded by armed security men.

She was driven to almost commit suicide because of these things.

I appreciate the modesty of Islam, but I do not appreciate the humiliation that goes with it. They do these things to humiliate women and to subjugate them. Islam teaches that a woman has only half the value of a man.

As my wife and I travel around the nation, I can’t tell you how many people tell us sad stories of a relative or a friend who married a Muslim, and the horrors they have been submitted to. The Bible says we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Do you think that if we would just follow the Scriptures, we, as Christians, would be saved from much pain?

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