Islam And Child Abuse

Islam And Child Abuse

I am speaking in a conference in California and a city official shared something with me that I want to talk about today. I have heard the same thing from Texas, so I am beginning to wonder if others are hearing the same thing. I was told that through the third grade the population of Muslim students is nearly equal between boys and girls. Starting with the forth grade there is a big decline of the number of female Muslim students. I am wondering if this is a trend throughout the country, if it is, would you let me know.

If this is true, there are a few of possible reasons for it that come to mind. First of all, an educated person is an empowered person. In Islam, they don’t want the women to have power. Women are considered to be only half the value of a man. An educated woman asks questions and challenges things. When they are uneducated they are vulnerable and needy. They are more reliant and dependant on the man to look after them. This is why in many Islamic countries girls are not educated.

Remember the story of a young Pakistani girl who began to speak out as a little girl. She showed a lot of courage when she stood up for girl’s right to be educated. It became international news, and the Taliban shot her in the face twice. Miraculously she survived and escaped to England where she is still championing the right of girls to be educated.

The reason Islam is practiced in Arabic when only 15% of Muslims are Arabs and can speak Arabic, is that if a Muslim can’t read the Islamic scriptures, he cannot ask questions. They do learn to recite  phrases in Arabic that they don’t understand, and if they think they understand it, it is only because their imam told them what it means, but they don’t really know.

This is similar to the old Catholicism, where they kept everything in Latin. The  people were kept in the dark because they couldn’t read Latin. They had to trust their priest to tell them what the Latin meant.

Ignorance is one way Islam keeps people subjugated. This may be the reason girls are not allowed to be educated.

There is another possible issue. In Islam, girls can get married at a very early age. Muhammad married a girl who was sis years old. A good Muslim will follow the example of Muhammad. Don’t think for a moment that this does not happen here in America. The little girls you see a Muslim man with may not be a daughter, she may be a wife.

Also, many of the Islamic marriages are arranged, not chosen. The woman does not have a choice, marriages are arranged by her parents.

I believe that if these girls are not being allowed to go to school, it is a form of child abuse. We need to be careful what power we give the government over our children. I don’t think the government has the right to tell me how I should educated my children. If these Muslim families say they are homeschooling their children, it is one thing. If they are denying them an education, if they are not being educated, is that a form of child abuse? I think it is. Not allowing them to be educated is a form of subjugation. If this is going on, we need to press the authorities to see if these Islamic communities are abusing the rights of children.

The city official told me she had a difficult time getting an answer from the school principal as to why there were so few Muslim girls in school. The principal finally admitted that it was the Muslim community that would not allow the girls to come to school.

Why isn’t the school making this public? If a Christian said they don’t want their girl educated, you can be sure that there would be child services officials on their doorstep taking those children away from their parents. I believe that the principals are afraid of the Muslims.

In England, thousands of non-Muslim children were abused in the “sex grooming games,” and the officials did nothing about it because they were afraid of how Muslims would react, and they didn’t want to be accused of being “islamophbes.” Many of these officials are now in jail because they did not do their jobs.

We need to encourage school principals to have the courage to stand up and do their jobs. They need to know that we will support them if they protect the rights of these girls to be educated.

In Palestine, they are abusing children left, right, and center. They are raising children to be martyrs, and to die for Allah. The only guarantee a Muslim has of getting to Heaven is to die as a martyr performing jihad and killing the non-believer.

Here are some pictures showing children being taught to be martyrs.

I have heard from many sources that in Palestine, many mothers will pick a child and start calling him “our little shahid (martyr).” Every day that  boy will hear that he is the one who will bring great honor and glory to the family, and the one who will bring salvation to them. He is taught from the earliest age that his mission in life is to die for Allah.

One of the seven blessings for martyrs is that he will be able to plead for seventy of his family members and friends. He not only gains salvation for himself, he gains salvation for seventy others.

Women, in Islam, have little hope of Heaven. Muhammad said that Hell is largely filled with women. It said it was because women are deficient in mind and in obedience to their husbands. The chance for a Muslim woman to get into Heaven is very low, so their best hope is to have one of their sons die in jihad so he can intercede for her.

This explains why young Muslims are taught to hate the Jews, after all, Muhammad hated them. The result of doing so is that the martyr will get great reward, and the family, especially the mother, will obtain salvation. If this isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

This is Islam. This is what is happening under the cloak of the “religion of peace.”

We need people of courage who will stand up and expose this. It is not only child abuse, it is hate. Islam teaches religious hatred toward another group (anyone who is not a Muslim, or Muslims who don’t practice Islam their way).

I am starting a “Stop The Religious Hate” tour. For the sake of security, I am not putting the dates and locations on our website, but if you are on our email list you will get them.

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