Legal Immigration: The Refugee Resettlement Program – Part 2

Legal Immigration: The Refugee Resettlement Program – Part 2

Today we are looking at information from Leo Holman’s book, Stealth Invasion. It grew out of two and a half years of research and writing for World Net Daily on the subject of Islamic immigration and all of the out of control programs.

There is a lot of data in the book, but Leo has tried to make it as readable as possible. There are a lot of true life illustrations that have happened in various cities and small towns across America which have been transformed by the refugee resettlement program.

There is also a chapter on Europe in the book. It shows what is ahead for America if we do not stop what some of these programs are doing.

This is the heartbeat of Fortress of Faith. I spent 29 years in Europe. I saw Sharia Law developed there. In fact, the town that is the headquarters for Sharia Law in the UK is where I lived for much of those 29 years over there. My church was about five miles from what is now the headquarters of Sharia Law in the UK. If we look to Europe, we have a crystal ball that shows our future if we don’t do something now.

This whole issue is not about terrorism and stopping the next terrorist attack, although we will see more of those. It is about slowing the advance of a subversive culture that we have nurtured in this country. If we don’t stop it, it will ultimately undermine our freedom. It is a very intolerant culture. The Left talks a lot about tolerance, yet they have formed an unholy alliance with the Islamists, which is another topic covered in Leo’s book.

Secular leftists have attached their train to the Islamic train, and this is a scary thing. It has been in the works for some time, but has really come into fruition over the last six to eight years under the Obama administration. Before Obama we saw the Muslim Brotherhood working in both parties, Democrat and Republican. There is still a little work going on in the Republican party with some congressmen receiving money from Brotherhood organizations, but it is now mostly the Democrat party and the leftists. They are working with the Brotherhood to undermine our society.

Leo recently wrote an article for WND about the fraud in the refugee program. Mary Doetsch, a recently retired U.S. State Department veteran has published a whistle-blower letter in the Chicago Tribune fingering the refugee resettlement program as fraught with “fraud” and “abuses.” This is a real bombshell because it is very rare to get State Department employees, even when retired, to open up about this kind of thing. She affirmed much of what is in Leo’s book.

The United Nations picks our refugees. They are not vetted well at all. It is more about the numbers and the money than helping people who need help. Christian refugees have been abandoned in the Middle East, especially in Syria where ISIS was hunting them down and killing the husbands and children in front of the women, and then making the women into sex slaves. ISIS is doing brutal, horrific things that we cannot even imagine. In spite of this, ninety-eight percent of the refugees have been Sunni Muslims. The Sunni Muslims are the group doing most of the brutal persecution.

Many of those, not all, that we are bringing in are themselves the persecutors. We are ignoring the Christians. Only 0.5% of the Syrian refugees are Christians. It is really deplorable. I would go so far as to say in is criminal on our side.

You can get a copy of Leo’s book on the WND bookstore. It is also available on Amazon and Barns and Noble.

It is one thing to be informed, but what should we be doing? We have a slogan, “standing at the corner of truth and courage.” We must have the truth, but we also need courage to do something with the truth.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)

We can’t continue to shake our heads and say this is terrible, and not do anything about it. Leo’s book informs us how there has been a parallel society, a nation within a nation, building over the last thirty-five years or so. This is going to have very bad consequences in the near future. It will be like what is happening I Europe if we don’t change. His book, and many others, will do us no good if we just read them and put them on the shelf. We need to share them with others. We must talk about them with our families and discuss them with our local officials.

Our local leaders need to be aware of this. One of the insidious things about the refugee program is that it is controlled by the federal government in partnership with nine contractors, many of them religious organizations like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Episcopal Migration Ministries, etc. They are making money off the program. These are the people who will come into your community and tell you how great this program is, but they won’t tell you that they profit from it. They get paid by the government for every refugee that comes in. They present it as if it is about humanitarianism, when, in truth, it is about money and transforming communities.

This information needs to be disseminated to our local government officials. Our local governments are not even informed about how many are coming, and from which countries they are coming. In many cases they are notified after the fact. The local communities are not given the funds to look after the refugees after they are settled. The schools are impacted, there are translation issues, and many more burdens placed upon the local communities.

The nine organizations that bring them in, abandon them to the local communities after about three months. The local communities have no say, it is just dumped on them.

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