How to “Radicalize” a Muslim – Part 3

How to “Radicalize” a Muslim – Part 3


We have been talking about the ten steps to radicalization of Muslims. When these steps are followed, the person will become a militant jihadist. Not everyone has the courage to follow through. Most of the jihadis hide under the cloak of being a moderate Muslim. They have a public and a private face.

The sixth step is establish that Allah only rewards his faithful servants, and punishes the disobedient. This is important because Muslims have no guarantee of salvation without being obedient to everything Allah says to do. Allah very seriously punishes those who are disobedient, even with Hell. This means that if they want entrance into Paradise, they had better carry out everything, including jihad.

The eternal destiny of Muslims depends upon their earning Allah’s favor. It is very difficult because Allah is the capricious one. One of Muhammad’s closest friends said that even if he had one foot in Paradise, he would not be sure that he would get there.

Islam is highly structured, so when we see someone being fundamentalized, their lives will become more structured. They follow the daily prayers very strictly. They follow the dress code very strictly.The follow the dietary restrictions of Islam. They follow the Ramadan fasts very strictly.

These things happen because they are trying to be faithful Muslims. It doesn’t stop with the 5 pillars of Islam, it goes into the unofficial 6th pillar, which is jihad.

This brings us to step seven, which is that the only guarantee of salvation is through an act of jihad. Muhammad said that one hour on the battlefield in jihad is worth 60 years of prayer. In other words, you will have as many brownie points with Allah if you spend 60 minutes on the battlefield asif you were faithful in your prayers for 60 years. You can’t tell me that jihad isn’t important to the religion of Islam.

Jihad is a communal obligation. Every Muslim is commanded to carry out jihad, even if it is not physical jihad. There is cultural jihad, the jihad of the pen, as well as jihad of the sword. Jihad is also a personal obligation. Muslims must personally engage in jihad.

The jihadist is not only carrying it out for himself, he is also carrying out his community service, if you will. This is important because if someone can’t carry out physical jihad, he can do the others. Even lying for the benefit of Islam is part of jihad.

The only guarantee of salvation for a Muslim is through jihad. This is the real motivation for the jhiadist.

The eighth step is establishing that the greatest reward is for the Shahid. A shahid is a martyr for Allah. This is a person who dies in jihad for Allah. There is no other guarantee of obtaining Paradise for a Muslim. There are 7 blessings promised to the shahid. We often here of the 6th blessing. It promises that they will be married to 72 virgins. They will get to ravage these perpetual virgins throughout all eternity. they will have the appetite of 100 men for sex and for food.

The first 5 blessings include forgiveness of sin the moment his blood is shed, entering into Paradise, etc.

The 7th blessing, which we don’t hear much about, is that they will plead for 70 of their family members entrance into Paradise. This explains why so many Muslim mothers are so willing to send their children out to be suicide bombers and to die in the cause of Islam.

The ninth step is establishing that the people of the book, Jews and Christians, have corrupted the West with their Judeo-Christian values of freedom and democracy. They believe that a democratic government comes from the pits of Hell.

They believe that Shariah is the only true law. They blame Christians for corrupting the message of Allah and corrupting the world with their idea of democracy. They believe that the only valid form of government is with a religious leadership, not unlike what they have in Iran today.

The tenth step is to establish that Israel has stolen the land that Allah promised to Ishmael, and that Muhammad commanded the death of every single Jew. One real test to find out if someone is a jihadi is to start talking about Israel.

Remember, the Qur’an says that the son offered by Abraham was Ishmael, not Isaac. They believe that the inheritance from Abraham comes through Ishmael, not Isaac. They believe that the Jews rewrote the Old Testament and have lied, giving the inheritance to Isaac.

Every Muslim who has been fundamentalized will believe in his heart that Israel must be pushed into the sea, every Jew needs to be slaughtered, and that they are the enemies of God. They hate the Jews with a passion.

Muslims who really get saved start falling in love with Israel.

Muslims believe that the Islamic Jesus, Isa, is coming back as a sidekick to Mahdi, and he will destroy the cross (every Christian), he will kill all of the pigs (Jews), and he will abolish the Jysia, the tax on submitted non-Muslims. He will do the last one because it will no longer be needed because all the Jews and Christians will have been destroyed.

When we see a Muslim with such hatred for Jews, we say he has been radicalized. He has not. He is consistent with what Muhammad taught, and what the Qur’an teaches.

These ten steps are accepted by all sects of Islam. When we see them developing in someone we should at least suspect that he is being radicalized. If we care about him, we should do something. If we can’t personally help him, we should notify the authorities that something seems to be amiss.

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