Making A Stand Against Islam – Part 1

Making A Stand Against Islam – Part 1

SaltAndLightOn today’s broadcast we had Dr. Bill Warner. He is the founder of Political Islam, and the author of important books on the subject of Islam. He was a college physics professor, and about 45 years ago he started looking into Islam. He started by looking at religious mysticism.

For about a year, he went to lectures by Sufi Masters, who are mystical Muslims. There was some attraction, but the more I studied about it, I saw Sufism as a great marble castle with a locked door to the basement. There was a bad smell coming from that basement, but you couldn’t open the door to we what was causing it. The idea of jihad, sacred violence, was around the edges of it, but they wouldn’t talk about it. He left that and didn’t think anymore about it.

He had many Muslim students, and there was a subtle difference between them and himself. It had nothing to do with there being from across the ocean because their were Nigerian Christians in the college, and he did not feel any separation between them.

If you want to understand anything, you have to start by studying the basics, the fundamentals, so he decided to read the Qur’an from cover to cover. When he finished, he saw that there was a big problem. From there he read the life of Muhammad. This is where he first started to understand that this is was a very serious piece of political business.

When 9/11 happened his phone began to ring, and people were saying that he had said that something was going to happen and asking how he knew. He had read the play book, the Muslim scriptures. When Osama Bin Laden issued his tape calling America to Islam he knew we had a problem because Muhammad always called his victims to Islam before he attacked them.

On 9/12 he realized that he was involved in a civilizational war. The people around him didn’t know the difference between a Sikh, a Buddhist, a Hindu, or anything. This is when he decided that he needed to educate.

A civilizational war is a war between different civilizations. Becoming a Muslim doesn’t mean that you just go to a different church on a different corner and a different day. The religion of Islam is of no interest at all. I define the religion of Islam as those things you do and don’t do to gain access to Paradise and avoid Hell. Religion is about what happens after death. What we need to be concerned about is what happens in this life.

The biggest misunderstanding people have about Islam, is that they think it is a religion. It is a complete civilization. It tells you how to drink a glass of water, what food to eat, what to wear, how to have sex, what is a family, what is a father, what is a husband. These things have an impact on us. For example, more and more British are polygamists because Muslims are invoking their right to have multiple wives. We should be concerned about what Islam does to us, not what it does to Muslims.

The only people who claim that Islam is a religion are non-Muslims. Muslims will tell you that Islam is a complete way of life, and I call that a civilization.

Sharia even tells you how to go to the bathroom. It tells you which direction to defecate, and which foot enters the bathroom first. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. The leaders have total control and power over your life. It dictates every aspect of your life and how you live. Freedom is a foreign concept in Islam. If America could really understand what Islam is all about, they would say, “We want no part of this.” We don’t oppose Islam because it is a different religion, but because of its political intent.

Islam divides the wold into two kinds of people, believers and non-believers, which are called the kafr. I don’t want the kafr to suffer under Islam, I don’t want to deal with halal food or how to teach history. In Tennessee, the 7th grad textbooks teach that the golden days of Islam were the peak of civilization. It says that Islam was the first to give women their rights and that Islam is a religion of peace.

When we think of war, we think of bullets and bombs. This is a war of propaganda. It is a war of indoctrination, and they are starting with our children. The Muslim Student Association (MSA), a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood here in America, which is on the campus of nearly every state college in America. It is now working its way into our high schools. They are influencing our textbooks as we have already seen.

Dr. Warner’s website is a great source of information on Islam. His course, Foundations of Islam, is a great source for those who want to understand Islam, and how to reach Muslims for Christ. I recommend it to missionaries who will be going to areas with significant Muslim populations.

Dr. Warner’s book, Sharia for Non-Muslims, is the number on seller on Amazon about Sharai Law. This book is essential if you want to understand what Islam and Sharia is all about. It exposes them for what they really are.

Dr. Warner’s book are very small. They are not written to impress you with his intellect, they are written to educate. His desire is to make it easy to understand what Islam is all about.

Sharia for Non-Muslims has been translated into 16 languages, and is the number one seller on Islam in Poland. In Europe, they have realized that this is a war of ideas, and they need better ideas to combat it. We need this same understanding in America. Fortress of Faith is dedicated to educating people on Islam. It is also dedicated to getting people to take action. We often invite people to join us at the corner of truth and courage. Knowing the truth is not enough. We must also have the courage to stand for truth in a very real way. Sadly there are many who see the truth, and just shake their heads saying, “why doesn’t someone do something about this.” They just go about their lives trying to ignore the problem.

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