Making A Stand Against Islam – Part 2

Making A Stand Against Islam – Part 2

SaltAndLightOne of the problems here in America is that those who understand, those who come to our meetings, are over 50 years old. The younger generations don’t seem to be paying attention to what is going on. In central Europe, those who attend the meetings are mostly under 35. Those in central Europe remember the totalitarian system of the Soviet Union. They know tyranny, it is not an abstract concept to them. They view Islam as worse that Communism. That call it Communism with a god.

In America, we have another memory. Our memory is that we always win. It may be a struggle, but we will win in the end. Americans don’t think that anything can harm America. We may have a bad President, but the next one will be fine. In Europe, they see this could be the end of our civilization. It could well be if we don’t stop it now. The reason those who come to our meetings in America are of the older generations is because they know of the tyranny of WWI and WWII.

The difference between the enemy of yesterday and the enemy of today is that their tactics have changed. The enemy of yesterday fought with guns. When they try to kick down the door, we shoot back, and we are good at it. The enemy of today sees our vulnerability and our stupidity because we think that it is OK to let an anti-American ideology come into our country, and to be propagated in our schools thinking that all ideologies are equal.

The Muslim Brotherhood is, in my opinion, the most dangerous terrorist organization of the face of the earth. They are infiltrating our nation through covert methods. They are sowing their seeds of sedition, and we are allowing them to do so.

There are four kinds of jihad found in the Qur’an. There is the jihad of the sword, which is the only way we think of jihad. We think of ISIS and its type of jihad. ISIS is not a real danger to us, nor is the jihad of the sword. I don’t want to minimize the suffering of those who are affected by jihad, like those on 9/11. We lose that many people to corner shootings every year. How many people die in car crashes every year?

My point is, those numbers, as painful as they are, will not take us down as a nation. Believing that one set of laws is as good as another will take us down as a nation. Thinking that if they want Sharia, it if fine. If they want polygamy, fine. If they want to beat their wives, fine.

There is also the jihad of the pen, the jihad of the mouth, and the jihad of money. An example of the jihad of money is when the Saudis gave money to the Clinton Foundation. They filed it under that category of the Zakat, a charity tax. It was given to strengthen the hearts of those who are weak about Islam. In other words, it was a bribe for Hillary. This money was given under one of the five pillars of Islam. The $25 million will do more to harm our nation than the murder committed over the weekend by some jihadist. The head of the Muslim Brotherhood chapter in her college was Huma Aedine, Hillary Clinton’s chief adviser.

It is an unusual thing, but the last couple of weeks the press has been putting out information on Huma Abedine’s with a jihadist magazine. This information has been out there for years, but the press is just now starting to report on it. The question is, what will America and Americans do about it. Most likely, nothing at all.

What are we doing right?

After 9/11, there were three sets of people making comments on the articles concerning Islam and jihad. There were the leftists who were saying all religions are bad, there were the Muslims who were saying that Islam is a religion of peace, there were those called bigots and islomophobes who knew what they were talking about. Now there are only people like us leaving comments. We are winning on the comments on the Internet. This is so much so that some articles will no longer accept comments because they know what will happen. We are winning at the grass roots level.

Sadly, we are losing at the very top. It seems that the higher you go, the less they know. If a man is a sergeant in the Marines, he probably knows a lot about Islam, but if he is a colonel, he probably doesn’t know anything abut Islam. The grass roots are being educated.

We have talked about how the Obama administration has removed everything linking terrorism and Islam from the security training manuals. Our security people are not allowed to look at Islam as a motive for committing jihad. One general who had been the head of Defense Intelligent was relived from his command because he used the word jihadi instead of terrorist.

The left and the politically correct know what they are doing when they make us shape the language their way. When you take away the right words, you can’t have the right thoughts. When you control the use of words, you then control thought. Our military and our law enforcement are not allowed to use the right words. Jihadist is very different from the word terrorist. Terrorism is a technique, jihad goes to motive. We need to understand why people are doing things. We fought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we never asked, who is the enemy and what is their war doctrine.

We may be very nice people, but we are driving blind. We sure wouldn’t want to offend anyone by telling the truth.

We think of politicians as kind of sleazy people. Ministers are supposed to be moral leaders. In Dr. Warner’s home state, Tennessee, it seems that the politicians have a better moral compass than the preachers. There is resistance in the legislature against Sharia Law. Many states have tried to put some kind of limitation of Shara law in American courts.

Dr. Warner entered a resolution into the Tennessee legislature concerning the Christians who are suffering at the hand of Islam. He could easily get legislators to vote for this, but he can’t get ministers to go to the legislature to support the resolution. In spite of this, the resolution did pass.

It is good that are politicians be moral leaders, but we really need our ministers to be moral leaders as well. It is sad that there are so many pastors and preachers who are cowards. They are very nice cowards, but they are still cowards. They are more concerned with pleasing men, than with pleasing God. They have a duty to be salt and light in this world. All Christians, pastors and the people in the pew, are called to be salt and light in this world. Light exposes and salt purifies and cleanses. We are to be bearers of God’s righteousness. It should be the pastors who lead their congregations when evil and false doctrine shows up in our communities.

I get calls from people who say their pastor will not take a stand and will never talk about these things. I believe that if your pastor will not take a stand on these things, you probably have the wrong pastor. You should probably find a church with a pastor who will take the right stand. You need a pastor who fears God enough to stand on the truth no matter what men may say.

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