ISIS Jihadi Attack Foiled in Plano Texas by FBI

ISIS Jihadi Attack Foiled in Plano Texas by FBI

 A story you did not hear in the news last week no doubt.

The FBI arrested 17 year old Matin Aziz for plotting to enter a Mall North of Dallas during Ramadan to kill the Kufar (Infidels). The story has only been reported on local news affiliates but has garnered no national attention.

Why? – Is this kind of story all too common? Or have we become apathetic?

His story reminds of Justin Sullivan, a 19 year old in Morganton NC who also was arrested by the FBI on similar charges for his plot to shoot 100 people on July 4th back in 2015.

I have talked with parents of Sullivan briefly. I suspect Matin, like Justin, is like many foolish young people of the West who are being sucked into Islam. The youth are loaners and hurting. They hate their life and hate everyone else and have hearts full of rebellion. To appear tough or show how rebellious they are, they join Islam. “Don’t mess with me, I will cut off your head” is the message they are sending. The tough guy – gang mentality. It is not the religion that draws them in, it is the hate. ISIS is seen as a badge of rebellion, the toughest of the toughest.

O how are World needs Christ. The youth of our world are angry, and the world has no lasting solutions for them. We need more straight shooting from the pulpit. Parents need to stop being absentee parents and get more involved in their children’s lives. Standards and discipline need to be instilled. Train up a child of Proverbs does not mean just send them to school and hope for the best. Training involves constant supervision, testing, guidance, explanations and one on one work. Tell kids they descended from animals and they will act like one. Tell them they are wonderfully created by a just and righteous God, and they will fear him.

We reap what we sow. We leave kids to feed their minds on filth from the TV and Music and Video Games. They act on what they learn. Watching a TV show of another person shooting or stabbing another human being has effects on their mind. But put them into a video game where they act out in the first person a shooting, a stabbing or driving over someone to kill them is infinitely worse than just watching it on TV. The Virtual Reality computer games are so life like. It puts the gamer into a first person position, the hands they see on the gun, are like their hands. Life is made cheap the appetite for the thrill and adventure is placed into the taking another’s life. The Devil is out to destroy man as we are created in God’s image.

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