When Islam Cries About Islamophobia

When Islam Cries About Islamophobia

We live in a nation where people are beaten down when they say something that is not politically correct. This is true concerning Islam more than just about anything else. We are said to be Islamophobic if we say anything that is not pleasing to Muslims, even if it is true and we back it up with their scriptures and their cleric’s own words.

Today I want to start a series on how to counter Muslims and their supporters when they play various “cards” against the truth.

Do you know what they are saying when they call us Islamophobic? A phobia is an irrational fear, a mental disorder. For example, It would be irrational for someone to have a fear of a chocolate cream pie or of a banana.

Islamophobia is not supported by the facts

FACT —- There are Legitimate reasons to be fearful of an ideology that has 1400 years of cruel bloodshed and conquest against those who don’t subscribe to Islam.

Islamophobia is the tactic of name-calling and labeling. It is a poor tactic used by those who do not have the facts to support their arguments.

The FBI has 17 years of statistics on hate crimes.

You will notice that hate crimes for religious reason are, by far, mostly against Jews. The fact that there are more against Muslims than against Christians is understandable when we consider Islamic terrorism and the efforts to get special privileges for Muslims. I say it is understandable, but no crime against anyone because of their religious hate is ever justified.

Another thing we must consider when we discuss hate crimes against Muslims is that Islam considers saying anything against Islam or its Prophet is a crime against Islam. It doesn’t matter if what is said is true or not. It does not even matter if their own clerics have said that it is true. It is considered a crime simply because it portrays Islam in a negative way. If we have a rally drawing attention to jihad or to the fact that their demands are contrary to our American values, it is considered a hate crime.

Islamic Hate Crimes Against Christians

While Muslims are complaining about their feelings being hurt because someone said something negative about Islam, Muslims are slaughtering Christians around the world. We dealt with the issue of genocide against Christians last week. Here are the results of this genocide in some Muslim countries:

  • Syria’s Christians – 66% decimated.
  • Iraq’s Christians – 90% destroyed or displaced.
  • Nigeria’s Christians are on the brink of extinction. Nigeria is filling up mass graves with Christians.

Last week we talked about the Open Doors Watch List. It tells us that every month:

  • 255 Christians are killed
  • 104 are abducted
  • 180 Christian women are raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage
  • 66 churches are attacked
  • 160 Christians are detained without trial and imprisoned

All of these crimes are committed by Muslims. There is no such thing happening in the reverse. It is true that many Muslims are killed by Israelis in the Israel/Palestine conflict, but it is seldom reported that these are always responses to attacks by the Palestinians against Israel.

Open Doors reports that out of the top ten nations where Christians are persecuted, eight of the nations are Islamic. The two that are not Islamic states are North Korea and Eritrea, both which have among the worst human rights records in the world.

Since Islam has used the sword to spread its ideology from the very beginning, I don’t think we can say that having a fear of Islam is irrational. Any good Muslim will tell you that Muhammad is the example they are to follow. He beheaded 600 plus men after deceiving them into thinking they were coming to confirm a peace treaty with him. Deceit for the advancement of Islam is a major part of their philosophy.

Over the next three weeks we will be looking at:

  • Countering the Muslim Victim Card
  • Countering the Muslim Racist Card
  • Countering the Crusades & Colonialism Charges

We need to be informed so we can stand up against the false charges. When we are properly informed we will have the courage to take action. If we do not take action, we will have the same problems they are having in Europe today with Islam and with maintaining their national identities and culture.

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