About the Founder: Tom Wallace

Bio written by Pastor Joel Reasoner of Bellingham Baptist Church:

Tom is a Missionary/Evangelist out of our Church.  He is the author of Refuting Islam – The Christian Patriots Guide to Exposing the Evils of Islam.  He is the founder of Fortress of Faith Radio which broadcast on 80 plus stations across America and border-blast into Canada.  He is also the founder of Missions to Muslims Network.

He preaches in churches, and lectures in colleges concerning Missions to Muslims. He is well versed in the apologetic and polemic issues regarding Islam.  He is also very passionate about Revival and calling America back to Righteousness.

Tom lived in England for 29 years in missionary work and has been an eye witness to Islam’s advances in Europe.  He compassionately warns America that the same destructive trends he saw in Europe are coming to America.    Even though the subject of Islam is dark and troubling, Tom leaves you with hope.

Other pastors have said,  “Tom is gifted in explaining the complex and difficult issues of Islam in simple, understandable terms.”  “His information is riveting, factual, Biblical and sobering.”  “Tom does not attack Muslims, he loves them and it shows.

Over 2,500 people have taken his evangelism course, ‘Engaging Muslims with the Gospel’ and from that and the radio ministry, more than 120 Muslims have converted to Christ.

Fortress of Faith is a 15 minute daily radio broadcast, hosted by Tom Wallace, that became nationally syndicated on American Family Radio. We are no longer on AFR but still broadcast on 80 plus stations coast to coast and border-blast int Canada. Now is also a daily 15 minute podcast. Click here to listen now!

We have 3 aims….

  1. Revive North America

We believe God will not turn a blind eye to our national sins. Old Testament prophets warned of impending judgment and called for God’s people to return back to righteousness. We seek national repentance, an Awakening Revival.

  1. Resisting Islam

We believe that God is raising Islam as an instrument of judgment on Europe and North America. I witnessed the growth and seduction of Islam that has been creeping into Europe. Now, England has Shariah law courts that are backed by the British government. Islam has 1,400 years of history of destroying nation’s freedoms and faith. They usually operate first with the Sword. However, they have learned a new game to covertly over-take from within.

  1. Rescue Muslims

Muhammad was a false prophet and those who follow him will follow him into Hell. God has given me a unique understanding of this religion, its errors and short comings. We are seeing Muslims come to Christ through our methods of evangelism. We realized that Tom Wallace can only talk to a limited number of Muslims, but we can train many others to do it. Missions to Muslims Network was started for this purpose.

Did you know that Muslims are the most neglected mission field. There are 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world according to Pew Research. The Zwemer Institute estimates that only 1% of all Christian missionaries are targeting Muslims.

We desire to recruit, train, and mentor people in Missions to Muslims Network to establish missionaries to the mission field that is coming into our country by the thousands.

In our approach to Muslims, we emphasize their distinct identity as souls in need of salvation. We view Muslims as individuals blinded by a doctrine of hate, desperately in need of conversion through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission centers on love and compassionate teaching, aiming to expose them to the redemptive message of Christ.

Unraveling the teachings of Islam and explore its historical origins.

Old Testament prophets warned of impending judgment and called for God’s people to return back to righteousness. We believe God will not turn a blind eye to our national sins. We seek national repentance, an Awakening Revival.

Looking for a quick and easy podcast to listen to on-the-go? Check out our podcast series, Fortress of Faith, where Tom Wallace will discuss topics like Islam in America, how to reach out to Muslims with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and revival and restoration in our nation.

Engaging Muslims with the Gospel

This is a free course to our subscribers where you can study at your pace and get equipped.

Course subjects will be:

  1. Evangelizing Muslims
  2. Introduction to Islamic Apologetics
  3. Advanced Islamic Apologetics and Polemics