Dealing With Strangers (Foreigners) In Our Land – Part 2

Yesterday we started looking at how Christians are supposed to treat strangers (foreigners) in their land. Our focus was on the Old Testament and today I want to focus on the New Testament. Before I do, I want to look at a passage out of the Old Testament. But the stranger that dwelleth with you […]

Dealing With Strangers (Foreigners) In Our Land – Part 1

We often deal with protecting our nation against the ideology of Islam. I have often told you that we must separate the issue of Muslims, the people, the ones following the religion, from the Islamic issue. They really are two different issues. Muslims, in themselves, are people, souls, that have been misguided, taught a lie, […]

The Muslim Invasion In Europe

On today’s broadcast I had a special guest, Yurgan, who is a national pastor in Germany. He is a good friend of mine from Bible College, and he married a good friend of my wife’s. We discussed the invasion of Muslims into Europe, especially into Germany. As usual, when we have a guest I prefer […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 4

This week we have been sharing the testimony of Nabeel Qureshi, a young man who had converted from Islam to Christianity. He passed way last week at the young age of 34. We have learned how he was raised a devout Muslim, and was, in a sense, a missionary for Islam here in America. In […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 3

We are continuing with the testimony of Nabeel Qureshi. He was a Muslim who converted to Christ and was greatly used of God in spreading the truth about Islam. We have heard about his struggle with leaving Islam. Today we will hear how he wrestled with the doctrines. There are three major issues that Muslims […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 2

Yesterday we started listening to some audio from Nabeel Qureshi. He was a Muslim who converted to Christianity and had become a  preacher of the Gospel and warned of the dangers of Islam. He died at the young age of 34 last Friday. He also wrote a great book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” which I […]

How To Engage Muslims With The Gospel

Today we are going to look at some practical things that will help you engage Muslims for Christ. It is good to have Shahram, who is a former Muslim from Iran, talking to us about these things because he knows how best to approach Muslims and how they will respond to the Gospel. Before we […]

How To Share The Gospel With Muslims

If you don’t have Muslims in your area now, you soon will. The refugee program is bringing more and more Muslims into our country. It all started under Bill Clinton. He signed an immigration law that is bringing in more and more immigrants into this country. Its purpose is to bring diversity into the United States. […]