Gog, Magog, And The End-Time Coalition Of Nations

Since this article has to do with prophecy, those who read it must understand that prophecies in the Bible are often written in a way which makes them very foggy when looking forward, but very clear when looking back on the events after they happen. The differences of opinion on issues concerning who are the […]

Islam the Anti-Christ Religion

For the next few days I want to talk about Islam, the Antichrist Religion. We will be looking at how Islam fits into biblical prophecy. We will be looking at Islam’s doctrine of eschatology, or doctrine of last things. Islam is waiting for three people, the Mahdi (Islamic Messiah), Isa (Islamic Jesus), and the Dajall […]

Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 1

In the next four articles we will be looking at Islam and Bible prophecy. When I started looking at this about 6 or 7 years ago. I want to start by looking at how we got where we are today. God called me off the mission field in 2008. I had seen how Islam was taking […]

Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 2

Islam fits the biblical teaching of the Antichrist religion. When we look at Islam and biblical prophecy we need to start with an overview of what the Bible says about prophecy. In doing so we have to approach the Bible with a literal interpretation. There are some places where we find figurative language, but they are […]

Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 3

I this article I want to show how Islam fits the Antichrist religion better than Catholicism. Let’s start by pointing out how the word “antichrist” is used in Scripture. The word appears 5 times in the New Testament. All 5 times are found in the epistles of John. As we examine them we will find […]

Islam and Bible Prophecy – Part 4

We have been looking at what the Bible teaches about the Antichrist religion and how it compares to Islam. Now we are going to look at the second beast of Revelation Chapter 13. This beast fits the Islamic teaching of their Muslim Jesus, isa. When he returns he will deal with the worship in the […]