Islam and Pedophilia

Children trust adults, and are to be obedient to adults who are in authority over them. This make them vulnerable to an adult who seeks their own pleasure at the cost of what is best for the child. Jesus said that it is better for an adult to suffer drowning with a millstone tied about […]

Islam Is Incompatible With the American Constitution

Since several Muslims have been elected to Congress, I think we should look at Islam and its attitude toward our system of government. Islam is much more than a religion. As a matter of fact, the legal and cultural aspects of Islam are much more important than the religious aspects.

Islamic Cults

Introduction In Islam, just like in Christianity, there are cult groups. I am not talking about the kinds that use brainwashing techniques, cutting off their members from their families, and so forth. I am talking about the kinds that have deviated from the historic doctrines of their religion. There are groups that fall under the […]

Five Popular Myths of Islam

There are five popular myths concerning Islam. When I say myths I am talking about the five popular deceptions or lies that Muslims want us to believe. In the past, we have talked about the four doctrines of deception that are permitted within Islam. Muslims are permitted to lie and deceive; after all, Muhammad said […]

What Does Moderate Islam Believe?

In the West one of our most cherished principles is freedom. If we don’t wake up we are going to lose this cherished principle to Islam. A stated goal of this evil and violent religion is to destroy our freedom because it is an enemy of Islam and Islam is an enemy of freedom. The […]

Muslim Crime Wave in Europe

It is important that we keep our eyes on Europe because we are headed where they are. If we continue on the same road they are on we can expect the same things that are going on there to come to pass here also. There are some important things we need to understand to avoid […]

A Summary of Islamic History

In this article we are going to cover 1,400 years of Islamic history. We will start our look at Islam’s history at the death of Muhammad in the year 632 AD. We call Islam a religion but historically, when we study the caliphates (empires) of Islam, we see it is more of a political-military movement. […]

Islam: What The Clerics Say (Part 4)

Why I Wrote This These articles The last few articles are taken from my book “Islam: What The Clerics Say.” It is available from my website. Although I know a lot more about Islam than most people, this subject is not my real area of expertise. My knowledge comes from working with an apologetic ministry […]

Islam: What The Clerics Say (Part 3)

Jihad In this article I want to look at what jihad is. I was recently watching the news and an imam was interviewed on the subject of jihad. He said that jihad is a personal struggle against evil. This is a true statement as far as it goes. There are actually two kinds of jihad: […]

Islam: What The Clerics Say (Part 2)

Quotes From The Past In this article I want to start by looking at some quotes from the past concerning Islam. The idea of Islam being a dangerous ideology is not something that was invented recently. The Islamic terrorist attack on 9/11 did not cause people to suddenly start criticizing Islam because of what “a […]