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Engaging Muslims with the Gospel

The presentation covers general rules and ice breakers to start a gospel presentation with a Muslim. We address the major objections that Muslims usually throw out and we cover how to get Muslims into the Bible.

Inside the Muslim Mind

Understanding the Shame / Honor Culture of the Middle East as opposed to the Guilt / Shame culture of the West.  Coming to terms with the their facination of the Will of Allah and their extreemism of  predistination.  Communicating to the Eastern mind and Medevil manners. 

Iran - Menace of the Middle East

Understanding the nations and leaders of the Middle East and the conflict between Iran and the Arabs.  Know what leaders are poised to make peace with Israel and why Iran must not let it happen.  Understanding who Iran’s proxies and why Hamas is the JV team and Hezbellah is the Varsity Team.  Understand how the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is going to play a huge role in the Middle East.

Unveiling Islam

Breaking down the major teachings of Islam – getting to the Nut’s and Bolts of the religion and the history of the Prophet Muhammad. Shariah Law is address and closer look at Muslims in general and Muslims in the United States. We answer the question, is Islam a religion of peace? I recommend this presentation during a Sunday School time with teen and adult classes.

The Arab/Jew Conflict - subtitle: The Isaac/Ismael family feud

We focus on the division between Ishmael and Isaac and we get into the 3 title deeds that Jehovah gave to the seed of Isaac. We address why Muslim are afraid of Israel expanding its borders to Saudi Arabia and document that Moses led the Hebrews through Arabia during the 40 years of wandering in the Wilderness. We locate the true crossing point in the red sea and location of Mt. Sinai. We close with what happens to nations when they curse Israel.


The merging of Christianity with Islam. This 30 year old movement is growing fast from just a heretical doctrine to become a new denomination. We document the four major sources that are behind Chrislam. This is the building blocks to forming a new one world religion. Also, we answer the question, is Obama a Muslim, in this presentation.

Islam in Bible Prophecy

Muslims are waiting for three people to come – The Mahdi, Isa (Jesus) and the Dajal. These three characters have very similar roles to Bible Prophecy. Most prophetic teachers focus on the person of Anti-Christ but neglect to deal with the Spirit of Anti-Christ. When one on the lens of Islam as they look at Bible prophecy, clarity of some passages begins to emerge Islam relates to the Spirit of Anti-Christ in I & II John, the First and Second Beast in Rev 13 and also the Great Whore in Rev 17.

Refuting Islam - Christian Apologetic and Polemic Approaches to Islam and Muslims

Using the Shariah Law book we expose the truth of Islam’s faith and practice towards Unbelievers (the Kufar), Apostates, Women, Slavery, Pedophilia, Democracy. We address the three major objections that Islam throws at Christianity. We also look at the textual veracity of the Qur’an and give factual, apologetic arguments to refute Islam’s erroneous claims.

The Cultural Jihad

This is more of a political – secular presentation that I give to Act for America Chapters across the country. It documents how Islam has been gaining ground in Europe in developing enclaves and Shariah courts. It identifies the Muslim Brotherhood operatives that are at work in sedition to destroy us from within.

The Sinking Qur'an

This corresponds with my book, The Qur’an on Trial. We look at the manuscripts that make up the Holy Bible and the Qur’an and let the evidence answer one question, Which came from God and which was man made? This gives the believer enormous confidence in the Bible and helps Muslims understand they are following a false gospel.